Welcome to the first Creative Writing Showcase from students on the MSc in Creative Writing by Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh. Our programme was launched in September 2012 and our first cohort of students recently completed their studies. Ours is a three year, part-time, 100% online programme, with students based all over the world. One of the unexpected pleasures of teaching in an online environment is how well it is possible to get to know people through the written word. Another pleasure is the rich diversity of cultural, geographic and artistic experience which is brought to bear, both on the writing itself and on discussion arising from it. This online showcase was an optional project and what you see is a small sample of work. Each writer has made his/her own selection. Thanks goes to all contributors for allowing their poems and stories to be shown here and special thanks goes to Brooke Bennerup and Shazia Islamshah for their editorial input. Thanks also goes to Niki Vielma and Fiona Carmichael for building the showcase and to Niki for her very attractive cover image. We hope you find material here which beguiles, intrigues or indeed provokes you, which gives you pleasure and makes you think.

Dilys Rose, programme director

Miriam Gamble, deputy programme director