Welcome to the 2016 Creative Writing Online Showcase, which features a selection of work from students on the MSc in Creative Writing by Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh. Launched in September 2012, ours is a three year, part-time, 100% online programme, with students based all over the world who bring a rich diversity of cultural, geographic and artistic experience. For this optional project, participants chose which of their works should be included.

Our thanks go to all contributors, not only for permitting their work to appear here but also for peer-proofing content. Special thanks are also due to this year’s crack project team: Anthony Lansing, John Lobsenz, Dan Stathers, Kate Mayne and Helen McNeil, led enthusiastically and scrupulously by Timothy Bertram, who also kindly contributed the cover image.

Very special thanks are also due to Matt Lau, who is not a student on our programme, for processing author photos to create consistency and enhance overall visual appeal.

Thanks to Niki Vielma and Fiona Carmichael for building the showcase.

We hope you find material here which entices, intrigues or, indeed, challenges; which gives you pleasure as well as food for thought.

Dilys Rose, programme director

Miriam Gamble, deputy programme director